Microsoft Onedrive

Synchronize OneDrive on your computer

OneDrive allows you to synchronize, in a total or selective way, the files stored in the Microsoft cloud. Files stored in the cloud can be shared with other people and thus we avoid email traffic. If you don't have Office, a  free download  from the sync app.

What is Microsoft Onedrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud file storage service.

It allows you to store your files and share them with other users from any device.

The space available in the cloud will depend on the plan that has been contracted. For more information on the different OneDrive plans, tap  here .

Main advantages and characteristics of Onedrive

OneDrive for business

Microsoft cloud storage and file sharing for business. Access all your files, share them and collaborate with your team from anywhere.

How can OneDrive help your business?

Improve the productivity of your company using OneDrive, it makes it easier for workers to share files with their teams and edit them simultaneously with Office web.

Is OneDrive safe?

OneDrive is now more secure, the personal store reaches all users. The data we keep in the cloud is usually stored safely, not even Microsoft has access to our files

What is Onedrive mobile?

With OneDrive on your mobile, you can access and share your files from anywhere from your mobile phone. The mobile application allows you to:

  • Open files in Excel, or Word.

  • Share, delete or move files.

  • Save files offline.

  • Create files and folders and upload new files.

  • Switch between multiple OneDrive accounts.

onedrive movile

Why choose Redcom Cibernético?

Redcom Cibernético has extensive experience in the deployment and maintenance of the tools included in the Office 365 suite, where OneDrive is included. Contact us to show you how we can help you.