Microsoft Outlook - Exchange Online

How does it work?

Microsoft Exchange allows you to work with emails, contacts and calendars in an integrated way.

It is also possible to create shared mailboxes for a project or a workgroup.

You can check your email on your mobile, on your laptop or on your tablet.

What is Microsoft Exchange Online?

It is Microsoft's email and messaging solution. There is the onpremise platform (Exchange Server) or the cloud platform (Exchange online).

In both cases, it provides you with access to email, contacts, calendar and integrates with Active Directory, therefore allowing us to use group policies and other administration tools.

With Exchange Online, you stay in control of messaging services, but you don't have the burden of software locally.

Main advantages of Microsoft Outlook

How can it help your business?

Microsoft Outlook can help your company to have greater communication , to better distribute the workload of your employees, and thus improve productivity.

Exchange Online can be integrated with Microsoft systems in the  cloud  What  Azure . The integration of  office 365  makes Exchange Online a robust and complete system. 

Why choose Redcom Cibernético?

At Redcom Cibernético we have extensive experience in migration from Exchange Server to Exchange online, user training and maintenance support.

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