Microsoft Power Bi

How do Power Bi dashboards work?

PowerBI allows you to connect different data sources. We can connect to an Excel, to a cloud service such as Project online or Salesforce, relate the information between different platforms and design how to display the information that resides in our data warehouses.


PowerBI is a tool at the service of the Business with a clear objective: to provide the information that is scattered in the different systems and platforms for the Business to decide.

What is Microsoft Power Bi?

Power BI is Microsoft's tool for business intelligence that provides an overview of business data in a simple and accessible way according to the level of security that is determined.


With PowerBI, the user can monitor the health of their company with a dynamic dashboard, connecting different data sources and platforms and integrating them into a single dashboard with interactive reports.

Transform your business with Power Bi

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is essential to anticipate risks and to detect potential opportunities for improvement in the environment.

With a good data structure and the correct analysis tools, companies will be able to make probable future forecasts.

Data visualization

Data visualization allows you to identify a larger context and a more general scenario. You will be able to know the trends and patterns that you would not see if you only visualized numbers without more.

Real-time information

With Power BI streaming, you can stream data and update dashboards in real time.

Any dashboard created in Power BI can display and update data in real time.

How can it help your business?

  • Allows you to extract important information for many scenarios.

  • Optimize and combine data from multiple sources and deeply analyze the data to find the patterns.

  • Create highly detailed reports with interactive data visualizations.

  • Create reports for mobile devices.

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Why choose Redcom Cibernético?

At Redcom Cibernético we have extensive experience in building PowerBI reports and panels. We are familiar with DAX programming and building interrelated models between platforms.

If you want to know more about PowerBI or how we can help you, contact us.