Microsoft Project

REDCOM Cibernético is a Gold Partner in the "Project and Portfolio Management" competition and has been working with the different versions of PPM (Project Server / EPM, Project online, Project Professional, Project for the web) for more than 10 years.

When to use Microsoft Project?

Learning to manage a project is not an easy task. The management of resources, costs and availability can alter the investment plan of an organization.

Microsoft Project offers solutions through online versions (SaaS - Software As A Service) or on-premise versions (Project Server), a robust and complete technological solution that reduces costs and increases the productivity of the organization.  

Before deploying Microsoft Project, we help our clients identify where they are and where they want to go.

What is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project, also called PPM - Portfolio and Project Management - is Microsoft's project tool.
With PPM we can manage projects, tasks, resources, costs, availability and the project portfolio.
PPM includes a unique database that allows to consolidate data in real time and guarantee the credibility of the data.

Main advantages and features of Microsoft Project

Project for companies: advancing in digital transformation

In many organizations, project management is handled by individual project managers. This practice does not allow knowing the global vision of the investments and projects of the organization. Continuous meetings are necessary in which each project manager shares the evolution of the assigned projects.


With PPM, each project manager updates their projects and in real time, the portfolio, indicators and KPIs defined by the organization are updated. PPM includes the Microsoft SharePoint document manager with which it is possible to advance in the digital transformation process of the organization. Not only did we abandon paper, but we can connect PPM to the rest of Microsoft tools (PowerBI, PowerAutomate, PowerApps) to automate many business processes in which email was previously used.  

If you want to know the different options that Microsoft Project offers in the market, we invite you to read one of our blogs. Press  here  to access the post.

Why choose Redcom Cibernético?

We offer PPM implementation and deployment services and  Project online , training,  integration with SAP , customized developments on the platform, version migrations, maintenance and advisory services and sale of licenses.


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